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Chris Fraley, Founder

Chris manages his own real estate investment firm called Evolve Real Estate.

Chris Davidson, SF co-president

Chris is Head of Private Investments for Trog Hawley Capital LLC, directing real estate, venture capital, and private equity strategies for a private investment company. He enjoys to play basketball and tennis.

Ryo Ishida, SF co-president

Ryo works at Prudential Real Estate Investors, working for a core-plus fund and managing the fund's apartment and self-storage portfolio. Ryo grew up with four siblings and enjoy playing sports (tennis, soccer, and cycling). 

Allison Dick, LA President

Allison is a principal of Snowmass Capital, which invests in student housing.

Jake LaJoie, Teasurer

Jake works as VP of acquisitions at Evolve, which invests in urban in-fill investments. 

Ryan Patap, Secretary

Ryan works on Strategy and Research at CBRE Global Investors.


LGREG would not be possible without all of the help from its past advisors and presidents:

Brian Schneider 
Charlie Rose 
JC Wallace 
Steven Vettel 
Dee Ware 
Phillipe Phaneuf 
Stephen Anderson 

~In Memory of Rich Chicotel

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